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C-Primes Interweb Hut

The New Yawker 2. 0, since it was unjustly shut down by some asshole censors. FIGHT THE POWER! ! No I'm not actually that concerned.

c-prime, interweb, yawker, since, unjustly, #shut, down, some, asshole, censors, fight, power!!, actually, that, concerned, random


SUAF is abbreviation for Shut Up And Fight, a Clan in the World of Tanks Community. We are a fun, hilarious crew, relaxed and not so uptight. We fight for fun!

suaf, abbreviation, #shut, fight, clan, world, tanks, community, hilarious, crew, relaxed, uptight, fun!


Shut up we are having fun in there

lovelyp, #shut, having, there

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