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Academy Forum for universe IO

academyforum, academy, forum, #ogame, universe

Umbrella Corporation

Ogame EN. Yakini Universe. Umbrella Corporation alliance.

umbrella, #ogame, corporation, yakini, universe, alliance, english

Ogame Angels

Dobrodosli na forum Angles

#ogame, angels, dobrodosli, forum, angles

Communist Party Alliance

Ogame - Universe Electra

communist, party, alliance, #ogame, universe, electra

We Happy Few

OGame Alliance

happy, #ogame, alliance

Ascent Io

Ascent alliance in OGame's Io universe.

ascent, alliance, ogame's, universe

Tenfold Herobrine

An OGame Alliance. This is our members' place to congregate and communicate.

tenfold, herobrine, #ogame, alliance, this, members', place, congregate, communicate


Ogame Board. DarkMyst. DarkMyst. DarkMyst. DarkMyst Ogame Board. DarkMyst. DarkMyst.

free, forum, darkmyst, #ogame, board., darkmyst.., darkmyst.

New Galaxy Order

Growing Alliance in OGAME

galaxy, order, growing, alliance, #ogame

The Silent Professionals

Our Ogame ally page

silent, professionals, #ogame, ally, page


Time to chill and kill. OGAME TIME.

chillin-reborn, time, chill, kill, #ogame

Trade Federation : uni 35

Open to all alliances willing to trade Deuterium in universe 35.

#ogame, deuterium, trade, trading, resources, profit, ratios, metal, crystals

Ogame help

Free forum : We have come to COMMAND and CONQUER

free, forum

Free forum : Alliance Legends Forum

The forum for all members of and those interested in the Legends Alliance in Universe 34.

free, legends, alliance, universe, #ogame

The Unites Empires Alliance Forum

Alliance Forum for the United Empires Alliance

unites, #ogame, electra, empires

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