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Academy Forum for universe IO

academyforum, academy, forum, #ogame, universe

Umbrella Corporation

Ogame EN. Yakini Universe. Umbrella Corporation alliance.

umbrella, #ogame, corporation, yakini, universe, alliance, english

Free forum : Crazy Marshmallow Duck Squad Forum

Free forum : A place for all the PEEPS out there to come and learn, and talk Ogame

free, forum, crazy, marshmallow, duck, squad, peeps, place, there, come, learn, talk

The Federation

The federation clan.

gaming, clan, federation, arma, #ogame, armed, assault


Black Templar Space Marine-alliance-ogame-hydra

black, templar, space

Blizzard Alliance

Ogame Alliance

blizzard, alliance, #ogame

United Empires Alliance Forum

United Empires Alliance in Ogame uni Zagadra

united, empires, alliance, #ogame, zagadra

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